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We have the experienceand a convenient downtown location.We are your BEST option for ahealthy, fit and inviting fitness facility.

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Join Us: The Irish are Coming!
.5k Couch Potato Run

March 14, 2015

Let's lift a Pint!
Rain or shine, St. Patrick's Day celebrations on Saturday the 14th begin 10am with tours of the historic railroad cars and brewery. The 5K marathon begins 11:30. Word of the .5K spread fast and Green Fitness on Caroline St. in downtown Fredericksburg has generously volunteered to lead all couch-potato registrants in a pre marathon stretch at 11:20am. The Fredericksburg Rescue Squad will be on site (and in the parade at noon) if any .5K marathoners require a blast of oxygen to make it to their beer.


Golf Fitness Specialist

Now Offering Golf Fitness

Owner and Senior Personal Trainer, Garrett Green is now offering Golf Fitness as a certified specialist.

UMW Health & Wellness Fair
UMW Health and Wellness

Wednesday, March 27th

Green Fitness will be participating in the Eagle Dining UMW Health & Wellness Fair.

2013 Marine Historic Half Marathon
Fredericksburg SPA 5K Run/Walk

May 19, 2013

Come cheer on Green Fitness in the historic half marathon on May 19th in downtown Fredericksburg.

2013 Juvenile Diabetes Walk
Heritage Run in downtown Fredericksburg

April 27, 2013

April 27th Green Fitness will be leading the warmups for the Juvenile Diabetes Walk at Loriella Park at 9:00am for its 3rd year.

Expanded Fitness Facility
Green Fitness expands Private Studio

Mon, July 2, 2012

Green Fitness opened the expansion of it's training facility on Caroline Street.

Our Approach

Overall better health by Green Fitness

Your root to a healthier trunk. We do limbs too.

Whether you are looking to tone up, get stronger, lose weight, get fit, or achieve overall better health, Green Fitness can help you achieve your goal. Green Fitness is a private personal training studio that uses state of the art exercises that not only give you a great work out but also make it enjoyable at the same time. You are sure to get a great overall workout.

At Green Fitness we don't teach you how to use a particular machine, we teach you how to exercise properly to achieve goals, strengthen your core, rehabilitate injuries, increase cardio, and prevent future injuries.

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We Do Tennis!

Green Fitness does Tennis Training

Inspire. Motivate. Coach.

Just an occasional tennis player or are looking for some serious competitive tennis training, Green Fitness is your answer. As a former Division 1 tennis player and the head coach for the Stafford High School’s Boy’s tennis team, I can help mold your game at any level. It is never too early or too late to learn how to play this great sport.

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Be Active. Be Fit.

Green Fitness does Tennis Training

Helping you get back to life.

We keep you motivated, on-track and interested with state-of-the-art equipment and exercises. Our trainers have Nationally Accredited Certifications and are CPR certified. We help keep you safe and injury-free by showing you proper techniques. Green Fitness takes pride in what we do and we care about your whole well-being. We also offer top-of-the-line liquid vitamins that can help in your workout and aid in your total health.

We are consistently involved with local community events. Green Fitness is committed to giving back and providing an avenue for fitness awareness. If you see us around town, make sure to stop and say hello.

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It's our 5th Anniversary!

Green Fitness does Tennis Training

November 1st, 2014

Green Fitness is celebrating its 5 year anniversary. I can still remember telling my wife in the delivery room of our 2nd child that I decided to quit my job and go out on my own. Dorothy has been nothing but supportive since that day. In the last 5 years we have grown from one small room in a basement to having 4 training rooms, a dietician, and a massage therapist. There are so many people to thank for the success we have had so far. First I have to thank God for all our blessing for without him none of this would be possible. Secondly I have to thank my wife Dorothy and my 3 sons Sammy, Gavin, and Cayden for always helping out and being there for me. Next is my mother, Carole, for being a great landlord and always reminding me that I would always be successful. I would also like to thank the countless number of clients that have come to Green Fitness, for without them we would cease to exist. Lastly I have to thank my employees that have helped the expansion to be successful, Chris McAuliff, Julie Eiben, Claudette Vaughn, Robert Halt, and most importantly Pamela Brown, who has been with Green Fitness the longest. I know there are many more of you out there that have helped, and believe me we can't thank you enough. Happy Anniversary, here's to many more to come!

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